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Effectively improve facial problems such as: 
• Pores
• Facial edema
• Eye bag
• Tear trough
• Dullness
• Pigmentation
• Aging

5 drops of Hydrating Repairing Serum + 5 drops of Repairing Oil Serum + Youthful Stick

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Product Description

Introducing the Youthful technique, brought to you exclusively by Paraller! 

Tool needed: Youthful stick 
Method includes “kneading, combing, plucking, picking”, etc, aiming to activate the acupoints on the face. 

The benefits include:
-Unblock facial meridians besides improving the nutrient and oxygen absorption capability of cells.
-Promotes better blood & lymphatic circulations, thus enhancing metabolism. 
-Activates the regeneration ability of the skin elastic fibers and collagen, restoring a healthy glow.
-Allows effective absorption to have a nourished skin which would solve the enlarged pores and breakout concerns.

When combined with the wondrous combo of Paraller’s Hydrating Repairing Serum and Repairing Oil Serum, you are free from sagging and dull skin. A firm plus rosy skin welcomes you! 

With this technique, you are not required to experience pain, take injection/ medication or pay a hefty price! 

On top of that, the following skin concerns can be addressed: 
-Enlarged pores
-Facial edema
-Eye bags/ tear trough
-Dull complexion & spots
-Aging skin & wrinkles

Friendly reminders: 
1. Avoid inflamed part of breakout/ acne.
2. Not to be over forced. 
3. Apply 5 drops of Hydrating Repairing Serum onto face and massage, followed by 5 drops of Repairing Oil Serum into face and neck areas. 
4. Allowable on the eye area but do avoid touching the eyes.
5. For oily skin, it is recommended to cleanse the skin prior to applying skincare products after the Youthful technique. 

Feel free to refer to the attached video link for more information: 

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