1. Where does Paraller Skin Care manufactured? Is it safe?
    Paraller Skin Care is formulated from Japan under the collaboration between a local professional cosmetic chemist and Paraller’s founder, Pinky Diong. All Paraller’s products are registered under NPRA (National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency), have SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A) recognition and test results. They are certified safe and chemical-free.

  2. Is Paraller Skin Care suitable for my skin?
    There is no 100% guarantee that a product would suit you unless you give it a try. In order to reduce the sensitivity rate, it is advisable to choose tested skin care products by relevant agencies. Do understand the ingredients used and avoid using products containing hazardous ingredients, fragrance and alcohol.

  3. What should I do if I have acne?
    Acne occurs when the pores of your skin are blocked with oil, dead skin or bacteria. This situation is common to people below 25 years old when their hormones are at the highest level. The best way to overcome this problem is mild cleansing (Geranium Cleansing Gel) and use anti-inflammation product (Hydrating Repairing Serum).

  4. How do I prevent aging?
    After 25 years old, our skin loses its squalene very quickly. Not only that, we will start experiencing fine lines and saggy skin due to irritations from UV ray. In order to maintain youthful skin, it is compulsory to cleanse and apply sunblock. It is recommendable to use products containing anti-oxidant, can strengthen skin barrier and prevent aging. (Recommended to use whole set of Paraller Skin Care)

  5. What’s the secret of sensitive skincare?
    People suffering from sensitive skin have to make sure their skin barrier is restore to its healthy state. Once the skin suffers from redness, dryness and sting, we need to use gentle skin care containing Squalane, Ceramide 3 and Triglyceride to restore it. Besides, avoid over exfoliate, cleanse and usage of mask. (Recommendable to use Paraller’s Hydrating Repairing Serum and Repairing Oil Serum)

  6. How do I use Paraller Skin Care?
    Paraller promotes simplified skincare routine — Giving the skin what it really needs. Morning : Geranium Cleasing Gel 1-2 pumps — Hydrating Repairing Serum 3-5 drops — Repairing Oil Serum 1-3 drops — Royal Jelly Tone-Up Cream (appropriate amount) Night: Geranium Cleasing Gel 1-2 pumps — Hydrating Repairing Serum 3-5 drops — Repairing Oil Serum 1-3 drops Relief Mask: 1-2 pcs/week
    (*Different skin types would have different usage and amounts. Please refer to any Paraller Skin Care agents)