About Us

PARALLER Branding Concept

Healthy skin and a confidently energetic soul are the keys to happiness. We strongly believe that skin care needs to be parallel along with health consciousness. The real concept of skin care rooted deeply on practising a rational skin care routine, alongside with the principles of understanding and giving what the skin truly needs. These are the guiding concepts for us in pursuing beautiful and radiant skin.
Holding firmly to these beliefs, we named our skincare products as PARALLER, a brand name that indicates “balance defender”.

PARALLER Company Background

PARALLER was founded on 26th December 2018, focusing on creating a series of sensitive skincare that can truly repair skin barrier. Our core vision and mission are to help people to restore healthy skin and provide empowerment in entrepreneurship. With the professional development team, safe and effective products, PARALLER company and agents worldwide go hand in hand to provide the best service to all our customers at any corner of the world.

Founder’s words:

PARALLER SKIN CARE was founded by Pinky Diong on 26th December 2018.


Just like many other ladies, I stood at a fork between family and career after having children. I was looking for a job that could strike a balance between these two important parts of my life. At that confusing point, my husband told me, ‘Go Pinky, find a job that makes you happy!’ With his encouragement and support, I decided to try doing online business – a career that only requires a smartphone, a firm belief and self-discipline.

I strongly believe that the trend of online business fits into all ladies’ awareness, independence ability as well as possibility to well-manage both the family and career.

Surveying all the variety of products available in the market, I notice that “3-NO” products without production date, quality certification and details of producer are no longer every customer’s choice. Paraller hereby focuses on consumers who are knowledgeable, health-conscious and yearn to pursue quality life.

Taking up my career with Paraller, I am proving to myself and everybody that:

‘we, ladies, are able to live confidently and beautifully not only in taking good care of our beloved family but also in accumulating personal wealth through the automatic multiplication marketing model of Paraller Skin Care.’